About 6th Sun Ridaz

Intention of 6th Sun Ridaz

The name 6th Sun Ridaz is a union of an Indigenous (Mexican) description of the “6th Sun” or New Time Cycle and “Ridah” which is contemporary street slang roughly comparable in context to the indigenous term “Warrior.” It captures the spirit of this project great in that , while it embraces the traditional, it is expressed in a very practical and street level way.

It’s intention is to bring freshness to what is felt to be a stagnant state of Indigenous rhetoric, attitudes, and misrepresented indigenous Mexican teachings on the internet. Most of the Mexica (Mexican Indigenous) online education websites seem to be more of a political/western academia nature and lacking a spiritual balance. And on the other side there are many Spiritual type sites that do a lot of preaching but negate Practical Application for the common persons. This site will not go into socio-political too much just yet unless it gives context to any of the presented teachings, it is felt that there is an over abundance of that kind of material on the internet already.

These “Mexica Teachings” are contemporary  expressions of Indigenous concepts. Our traditions and history are not static but very much alive. We are not passive receivers of a traditions that is given and final. We all have to do our part to apply these ancient principles of our ancestors in our own life and find a specific meaning that makes sense to you.

How Do We Live?

Many sites share academic information on history and “how things were”  but very rarely do these sites or organizations share knowledge of  Philosophies and Ways to Live applicable to today’s scenarios and dynamics. Anyone can learn Indigenous History from a book, wear Native clothing, and Act the part but  I firmly believe that being Native-Indigenous is defined by the Respectful Relationships we have and Nurture with others, the world, all aspects of Creation, and especially ourselves. Just because one has many Indigenous stone blocks doesn’t mean they have the wisdom to architect Indigenous Infrastructure  for the purpose they were intended.

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Keeping It Real – No Dogma – No Elitism

There’s gonna be some legit Indigenous Mexica Tolteca knowledge on here but it’s going to be brought in a very unique way —  by way of my personality style and experience. This site is gonna have a very Los Angeles Street Vibe to it but don’t let that fool you from recognizing the realness in these  teachings. We’re not gonna define ourselves into a box, perpetuate stereotypes,  or  promote cultural/spiritual elitism here.

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Plenty of  Mexica Teachings to Share

There are plenty of teachings to share and I am anxious to get them going . Instead of waiting till it is all done and arranged  perfectly it’s been decided to add a little at a time. Please check this site periodically for additions and revisions to the content. Looking  forward to sharing and learning with you all as we move along on this creation.

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Please Feel Free 2 Ask Questions

This site site will be in continuous refinement.  Please feel free to give  feedback, suggestions, and  questions. Accommodating the needs of the youth and those wanting to genuinely learn about Indigenous ( Mexican) spirituality, philosophy, and history from a non-anglocentric perspective is the key objective.

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Hope you enjoy.

Tlazocamati (Thank You)

– Quimich