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Main Telpochcalli Teachings

Telpochcalli means "house of the youth". It's a place where youth would go to be educated in spiritual, social, and warrior skillsets. Today we use Telpochcalli as term to denote a place of learning for all our people, since it can be agreed that we are all in the process of restoring and advancing our Indigenous selves.


Indigenous spirituality / metaphysics is also very scientific. While the Mesox worldview & philosophy items could also said to be spiritual, this section is meant to be a helpful starter for connecting with Toteotzin, an Indigenous mindset, and one’s Ancestors, guides, etc.


These are some Nahuatl basics to get you started. Remember that Nahuatl is a profound language with dimensions of meaning and flexibility. It is very important to study and understand the cosmovision, as well as gain experience in Mesoamerican centered ceremonies and social understandings. This will give you a better understanding for the depth and capability of Nahuatl words and language.

Mexica Guadalupe

Reframing the conversation on the Virgen de Guadalupe, Nican Mopohua narrative, and the sacred image. Centering it in Tolteca, Mesoamerican worldview and deflating common regurgitations that suggest that Guadalupe was a mere trick of the church.