Mexica Telpochcalli Teachings

Foundational Telpochcalli Teachings

Circular Mentality vs Linear

Telpochcalli Teaching 1

11Four Circles | Mexica Spirituality

The Four Circles

Telpochcalli Teaching 2

11Mexica Four Directions | Medicine Wheel

The Four Directions

Telpochcalli Teaching 3

11Mexica Telpochcalli | Indigenous Code of Ethics

Mexica Ethics

Telpochcalli Teaching 4


Video: 500 yrs of Resistance

Telpochcalli Teaching 5

11aztec dancer holding smoking incense

Mexica Spirituality Overview

Telpochcalli Teaching 6

“And they called it Teotihuacan because it was the place where the lords were buried. Thus they said: “When we die, truly we die not, because we will live, we will rise, we will continue living, we will awaken. This will make us happy.”

Popular Mexica Topics

11african afrocentric olmec mexica native

The Afrocentic Dilemma

Acknowledging and addressing the harmful “Africans are the Original Native Americans” movement.

11tonantzin virgin guadalupe mexica

Tonantzin Tecuatalope

Reframing the conversation and centering the Virgin de Guadalupe narrative in the ingenious tenacity of our Ancestors to perpetuate our ways in the midst of a brutal genocide.