About Quimichipilli


My name is Quimichipilli (prounounced kee-mee-chee-pee-lee). It  means Little Mouse/Mouse Prince. I’ve had the name  since birth from my family & community in  Venice, CA  who would called me Little Mousie or Mousie Jr. (since my dad was Big Mousie)  which I then translated into Nahuatl.

I was born & raised in the Original Westside : Santa Monica, Venice, Sotel, Mar Vista, and Inglewood  (California) were/are my stomping grounds. To the Indigenous inclined these cities are roughly the Tongva villages of  Sa’agna, Kechengna, and Kuruvungna. I grew up living a skater, Hip Hop, graffiti artist oriented lifestyle if I have to classify it.

I did a lot of Indigenous community activism and ceremonial protection in Los Angeles for about 7 years . I have seen the beautiful,  the bad, and the ugly in native community dynamics. I’ve seen things that I believe do work and things that I know do not work.

Everything I share on this site are teachings and perspectives that have been filtered through my own heart and critical thinking mind. I have put many concepts and indigenous teachings, whether oral or written,  to practice and  test in my own life.. They majority of expressions I share here with you all here is sourced from various Elders, People, Book Studying, Native Ceremonies, and  Meditations..

I am still just a student of adverse and growing life lessons here to share teachings, tools, skills, and conclusions I have put together for myself. My website and expression is made with the hope that it can provide a strong educational and spiritual foundation for you to build upon.