Things To Know

How to Read this Website

 Words and Glossary  – Watch Your Assumptions

On this indigenous education website we are going to build a glossary of words, phrases, and concepts which would be good to become familiar with. They will be key to better understanding the true essence of the teachings. They will be highlighted and  will link to further explanations for clarity.

This very important because just like we all have unique relationships with people, so it is that we all have unique relationship with words.

For example, If I say the word “God” there are numerous concepts and understandings of that word that incline  people to assume what is meant. Words will be highlighted and linked that, from my experience, tend to be controversial and misunderstood when I employ them in my average dialogue.

 The Use of The Word “MEXICA” On This Site.

Technically we are all not Mexica-Azteca or Maya. We are comprised of numerous Indigenous nations throughout the Southwest U.S., Mexico, and Centro America. I use the word “Mexica” to refer to the collective of  Mexican area oriented Indigenous peoples or what some call Meso-American.  The use of the word Mexica on this site is not to imply that “We are all Mexica” or that we should adopt the Mexica term for nationalistic reasons.

The colonization of the Mexican area Indigenous nations was a systematic process. Therefore,  it is felt that the  rebuilding of  our self knowledge has to be done in a systematic manner, in steps. Most Mexicans/Central Americanos know very little of their history and need a point to grasp from, that is the purpose of employing “Mexica” as a general starting term. Once that is set there will a respectable base for one to better understand deeper specifics about various Indigenous Nations.

There’s a saying: ” You can’t get there from here.”

Not Just a Mexica Website

All Indigenous cultures of this hemisphere, while having their distinct languages and customs, do  have a fundamental base that makes all these presented teachings compatible and relevant no matter who you are.

Even though these teachings are mostly Nahua-Mexica-Tolteca oriented it doesn’t mean they are exclusive to any particular group.  All spiritual science philosophy is based on Creator/Nature/ The Cosmos etc. and thus makes these teachings relevant to any human being.

It has been learned that the spiritual-sciences of all original civilizations while having various expressions do have some very similar principles and understandings. While this site will be Mexica-Toltecah oriented it will also employ,  reference, and correlate teachings from others traditions if they can supplement the lessons of this online Mexicah-Tolteca Telpochcalli

Be Yourself

We all come from different circumstances,  experiences, styles of music and such. These spiritual-philosophical-scientific-practical teachings are gifts from the ancestors. They are your inheritance,  immortal tools intended to help us create and balance a great life.  There’s no need to try to be anyone else or fit into anyone’s ideals. Create and radiate the best you from wherever you are at or whatever your style and circumstance is.

The Music Playlist

As of starting this site has energetic yet mellow Hip Hop instrumentals to supplement the vibe of the site. The playlist is not gonna be limited to Hip Hop but rather beats and instrumental dominate songs that will help create a good vibe and mood. Feel free to suggest song instrumentals and such.

A Growing Website

This site will be updated very frequently. As teachings and information go up they are not set in stone. The writings will constantly be in refinement until they reach a maturation. Think of this as a living body that will constantly grow.  There are so many possibilities and ways this site can go. Suggestions are definitely welcome. Please do check back for updates!