Support the 6th Sun Ridaz Project

Many have expressed for the opportunity to support the Sixth Sun Riders project and are confident others would like to as well. I produce all the written content and graphic content myself (except where noted.) I also maintain all the website’s operations, design, coding, etc. I still work full time and normally do this out of my own pocket and “free time”.

Keeping it 100, your donations would go to help paying for the server, purchasing any plug-ins to update the website, purchasing books to assist in content building, purchasing workbooks from established Native-Indigenous youth & family programs,  buying me coffee =) , and backing me up for the time I skip from my paying job to complete literature and tasks for the website (which i do more than I’d like to and perhaps why i need donations.)

Current plans include expanding the Teachings on this site, printing literature such as flyers & lesson books, and facilitating youth & community workshops.

I can also provide a receipt for anyone requesting one, just leave a note during the PayPal donation process.

Thank you so much. Gracias. Hue Tlazocamati

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