Lao Tzu - Tao te Ching

Lao Tzu - Tao te ChingThe person of superior integrity
does not insist upon his integrity;
For this reason he has integrity.
The person of inferior integrity
never loses sight of his integrity;
For this reason, he lacks integrity.

The person of superior integrity takes no action,
nor has he a purpose for acting.
The person of superior humaneness takes action,
but has no purpose for acting.
the person of superior righteousness takes action,
and has purpose for acting.
the person of superior etiquette takes action,
but others do not respond to him;
Whereupon he rolls up his sleeves
and coerces them.

Therefore when the Way is lost,
afterward comes integrity.
When integrity is lost,
afterward comes humaneness.
When humaneness   is lost,
afterward comes righteousness.
When righteousness is lost,
afterword comes etiquette.

Etiquette is the attenuation of trustworthiness,
and the source of disorder.
Foreknowledge is but the blossomy ornament of the Way,
and the source of ignorance.

Fir this reason,
The great man resides in substance,
not in attenuation.
He resides in fruitful reality,
not in blossomy ornament.
He rejects the one and adopts the other.


( This Tao Te Ching verse is also being used as a supplement to an Indigenous Mexica-Tolteca Teaching  called : Circular Mentality vs. Linear Mentality)


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Miguel Quimichipilli Bravo— Chicano-P'urhepecha from Venice, CA. Native-Indigenous spiritual activist, educator, lettering artist, musician, and Native spiritual run organizer since 2002.