Aztecas Del Norte by Jack D. Forbes

The essential book Aztecas Del Norte: The Chicanos of Aztlan by Jack D Forbes. is now available for download
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aztec guadalupe

The Mexica Guadalupe

Reframing the conversation on the Virgen de Guadalupe, Nican Mopohua, and Sacred Image to center it in Mesoamerican worldview
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aztec codices

Aztec Codice – List 2024

Compilation of Aztec (Mexica), Mixtec, and Maya codices—sacred texts representing various understandings of MesoAmerican worldview.
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A Defense of OMETEOTL by David Bowles

Twitter thread by David Bowles adding insight and challenging the recent iconclast trend to dismiss Ometeotl as a mere new age invention.
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chicanx indigeneity

Chicanx, Indigeneity, and Mocosxs

Just some thoughts I had to get off my chest about recent viral and misguided grievances against Chican@s.
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Decolonize Aztlan

Decolonizing Aztlan

#DecolonizeAztlan— Addressing Aztlan in respect to decolonization. Keep the understanding of Aztlan rooted in Indigenous worldview and respect and do away with the colonial contradiction that some Chicanx partake in.
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