Tolteca Prayer for Beginners

Teochihua (“Prayer”) is the backbone of our Indigenous ways. Many have lost faith in the great mystery, traditions, and the medicine ways of our ancestors. Many have fell for the colonizers cheap spell that Native ways and medicines are superstitious and backwards.  Colonizers deemed anyone and anything the deviated from europeanized Christian ideology as “superstition”. We even have popular Indigenous thinkers that will label anything that can’t be confirmed by western methodology as “superstitious”, thus, ironically reinforcing the colonizer’s efforts of belittling Indigenous spiritual sciences.

Praying is making a focused connection. Our spirituality can more accurately spiritual science. Life and the elements are very much alive. You have a purpose for your existence. Make sure you keep yourself tuned up. Here is a general prayer for you to use as a template and adjust to your liking. If you apply this prayer to your daily routine it will open up doors and healing for your journey.

Prayer is extremely powerful I can’t stress this enough!

Tlazocamati  Ipalnemoani (Giver of Life)

Thank you for this day to live here on this earth among your beautiful creations. Tlazocamati for another day to get it right.

Tlazocamati to all my Relatives- the earth, the fire, the water, and the wind which give us form; and to the animal and plant relatives that bless us with beautiful friendship, medicines,  and nourishment.

Tlazocamati to all the Ancestor spirits with me on this earth walk, guiding me in ways that I sometimes may not see or understand

I acknowledge you, my ancestors, for your sacrifice to preserve these beautiful ways and traditions.

Yokoyani (creator), Ancestors, spirit friends, I ask you to stay close to me throughout my days and nights.

Help me to stay focused on my purpose and go about my words and creations in a good way.

I ask that you guide and protect my family so they may walk in a good way, and in a way that is true to their heart and purpose

Yokoyani, help me to be impeccable with my words & actions, to not take things personal, to not assume, and to do my very best.

I ask that you even bless my enemies. Nurture them into a better way of life, make their hearts tender and their minds open. Humble them so they may be mindful of the consequences of their actions.

Yokoyani (Creator)..Ancestors.. I petition you to help keep me aware of any energies or spirits contrary to the health and well being  of me & my family and for the purpose for which you have sent me/us here for.

Please dissipate those subjects and spirits that seek to operate in deception, shed light on them so they may be exposed and justice be processed accordingly.

Yokoyani please help me to see my reflection in all your creations.
Help me to  remove the smoke in front of my mirror so that I may see my true reflection— So that I may see myself in all peoples of the medicine wheel, in all the sacred animals, and all the sacred waters, deserts,valleys,  and mountains.

Creator, help me to respect, understand, and walk in the manners and ways of my ancestors. To walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Help me to be strong in Sun with a firm fist.


About the author

Miguel Quimichipilli Bravo— Chicano-P'urhepecha from Venice, CA. Native-Indigenous spiritual activist, educator, lettering artist, musician, and Native spiritual run organizer since 2002.