aztec guadalupe

The Mexica Guadalupe

Reframing the conversation on the Virgen de Guadalupe, Nican Mopohua, and Sacred Image to center it in Mesoamerican worldview
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tonantzin virgin guadalupe mexica

Catecismo Guadalupe

For those with the understanding that our ancestors were creative in the struggle to preserve our cultural inheritance, this is the English translation of the "Catecismo Guadalupe. "
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Mitote Journal Tolteca

The Mitote Journal

The Mitote Journal/Book is a stalking technique that helps us identify and regulate thought patterns that trigger unnecessary drama in our lives.
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Hopi Declaration of Peace

A Hopi Prayer

A beautiful Hopi Prayer and blessing poem by 1st Mesa Hopi Wabanaki
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Protecting Yourself Against Spiritual Predators

This particular piece is written in hopes that it will assist you in protecting yourself against (spiritual) manipulators & predators, whether they be organization leaders or “spiritual leaders/elders.“
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Prayer for Alignment & Wholeness

A basic Indigenous prayer to help realign ourselves in a good way.
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Sahagun’s Suspicion re: Virgen de Guadalupe

Bernardino de Sahagun's comment about his suspicion that Indigenous Mexica were not really worshipping the Virgin Mary
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