Connecticut Tragedy: Keep it Real

Connecticut Tragedy | Keep It Real

Connecticut Tragedy – Just a few Xoco beans on the matter

Just wanna speak a quick once over on this tragic shooting that happened. First off blessingz and healing vibes to all Directly affected by this as well as to those Indirectly affected.

There are dynamics to what happened today, some factual, some speculative.  Not gonna get into any speculations but I will bring up thoughts, ideas, and subjects that I suggest, if one is sincere about their sentiments regarding  what happened today, should make an effort to research.

1)      Self-Responsibility:
This dude came from a society, a community, and a family. I feel that if one is surrounded by a family, or even better, community that actually gives a genuine shit about people other than themselves,  there would be an extremely less likelihood of  this happening. Not only something like this Tragedy but also like the tragedies that happen EVERY FUCKEN DAY  in our communities. Children die EVERYDAY in our cities to Violence, Drug Abuse, and Malnutrition.
Connecticut Tragedy | Keep It Real
Giving some money to programs to a foundation or center helps a lil But  what it’s really gonna take to alleviate sumpn like this is is for people to give a real shit.Yes, that means YOU rollin in your car with rims and partying every weekend , going to sports games, and whatever else,  to actually Take Some Genuine Time and Give some Genuine Love to the community around  you, Especially The Youth!

I’m not saying don’t have fun and do your thing but really consider how much you invest your sincere time and love into community events and happenings around you.

2)      The Media:
They propagate Fear and Sensationalism. Don’t be so quick to bend over and relinquish your Rights and Power to accept the “New Laws”  and de facto laws that will be implemented into institutions and establishments  around us that stem from this “spontaneous” Tragedy which will be manipulated  and served by the Media (agenda) as just another  Healthy &  Memorable Serving of Psychological Fear Pie.  Please don’t eat that shit homie!

3)      Scrutinize the Roles of Religions and Institutions:
Look at the Religions, Look at the Laws, Look at what Society Does and Doesn’t do for People,  what it feeds and doesn’t feed to the people, to The Youth. How does this affect our Youth  and people psychologically? Lots of things Are Not Right with how the Society Operates . The Government can’t fix it, Obama aint, YOU need to drop some Pennies in the Solution  Bank!

4)      Conspiracy Theories:
I highly suggest one looks into “Government Mind Control “techniques.  Sure lots of conspiracy theorist are fanatical and can be a bit much but don’t have such an ad hominem approach to the mind control subject. Not all scientists are funded for good things you know! Understand the Capacities that’s all I’m saying.

5)      Spirituality:
People often tell me about problems and I tell them Sincerely Pray.  It works… call out for answers, call out wisdom, call out for health. There are different forms in the way it will come, Sometimes a Complete gift and sometimes a Piece of the Puzzle.. but IT Will Come! . Such Transitional and Pivotal times  require us to delve into our Personal Immortal Resources.  Meditate, Envision solutions! Hold to them, feed them, give them energy. Be about them! It makes a Difference!


Connecticut Elementary School Tragedy

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