I Even Shake the Devils Hand (Poem)

Mexica Poetry 1

The medicine I carry is divine & infectious,
I even shake the Devil’s hand.
At One with Cr8r
God energy blanket waterfalls,
Crowns me iridescent plumage & jades.
Few can see this, I mind it none.
Indulgers of darkness scurry like roaches at the light of new dawn.
I am here now,
Allow me 2 introduce you to my destiny.

About the author

5th generation Chicano-P'urhepecha from Venice, CA. Graff artist now mostly creating via digital design mediums and channels. A Native-Indigenous Spiritual Run organizer since 2005, I stay active in building, educating, and defending, Ndgns self-identity, values, sacred sites, and knowledge of self. I also do presentations for high schools, colleges, and community learning spaces.

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