Indian Tacos Mexica

Indian Tacos.. are Already Indian

Tacos are already Indian ok. Calling them "Indian" tacos is inferring that they are somehow not Native in the first place -- which is incorrect.
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Distinguishing teh Teacher from the Teachings

Distinguishing the Teachings from the Teacher

Expand on the “teacher-student” relationship aspect of the “Protecting Yourself from Spiritual Predators” essay.
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tonantzin virgin guadalupe mexica

Catecismo Guadalupe

For those with the understanding that our ancestors were creative in the struggle to preserve our cultural inheritance, this is the English translation of the "Catecismo Guadalupe. "
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Mitote Journal Tolteca

The Mitote Journal

The Mitote Journal/Book is a stalking technique that helps us identify and regulate thought patterns that trigger unnecessary drama in our lives.
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First Voices Radio Show

Sixth Sun Ridaz featured on First Voices Radio

In light of the recent attention from our latest popst "The Afrocentricity and Olmec Predicament" we had the honor of being invited to speak on First Voices Radio hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse.
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