(More) Basic Nahuatl Phrases (pt.2)

What is your name?
Tle motoca?/Quen motoca?
My name is …
Notoca …
Do you speak Nahuatl?
Titlahtoa nahuatl?
Where am I
Canin nicah?
What do you want?
Tle ticnequi?
Where are you going?
Campa in timohuica?
What is going on?
Tlein pano?
What time is it?
Tlein imanin?
What do you need?
Tlein motech monequi?
Don’t leave.
Macamo xiquiza
Have a good trip.
Ma cualli ohtli.
Where are you going?
Campa tiyauh?
Please come here.
Xihualla, nimitztlatlauhtia.
You are very kind.
Cencah ticualli.
What’s new?
Tlen yancuic onca?
Thank you for everything.
Tlazohcamati pampa nochi.
See you another day.
Occe tonalli titottazqueh.
I’m leaving now.
Ye niyauh.
I don’t like this….
Ahmo tlen nechpactia inin …
We’re leaving now.
Ye tiahue.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
Huel nipaqui miac nimitzixmati.
I’m very happy to have seen you.
Cecenca nipaqui in onimitzittac
I am very hungry.
I am very thirsty.
About the author

Miguel Quimichipilli Bravo— 5th generation Chicano-P'urhepecha from Venice, CA. Native-Indigenous spiritual activist, educator, artist, musician, and Native spiritual run organizer since 2002. http://spiritrun.ws/ https://bravo1.la/

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3 Responses
      1. Itzchimalli Metziuhki

        Kimichtzine! I actually found out after writing this how to go about it.

        Pohpolhuia means to forgive

        So to apologize one could say ‘xinechquipohpolhui!’
        forgive me for that

        And forgive me for taking so long to respond, nocniuh. Ma cualli ohtli, ihuan ma tipahtinemi. 😀

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