Nahuatl Pronunciation

Nahuatl Pronunciation Guide

Essentially Nahuatl is pronounced using the same rules we use when speaking Spanish.

a as in father
au as in out
 c  before /e/ and /i/ as in set;
elsewhere as in cap
 ch  as in chew
 cu  as in queen
 e  as in bet
 h  as in happy
 hu  as in wet
 i  as in machine
 l  as in lamb (except in final -tl)
 m  as in more
 n  as in no
 o  as in or
 p as in spoke
 qu  kept
 t  as in ton
 tl  no English equivalent
Pronounced by touching the back of teh teeth with the tip of the tongue and releasing the air from teh side of the tongue.
Do not pronounce as kettle, sprinkle,, or metal, etc.
 tz  as in pizza, also as in see
 u  as in fool
 uh  when
 x  as in shoe
 y  as in you
 z  as in sun

Other Nahuatl Spelling Styles

You will also find Nahuatl spelled out phonetically or a variation of the above styles. Examples:
Nahuatl | Nawatl | Nauatl
Melahuac | Melawak | Melauak
ToTahtzin | ToTajtsin
Tlazocamati | Tlasohkamati
They are all pronounced the same.

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